Finally...Financial Peace Of Mind

Coaching on an innovative approach to a traditional financial tool, that allows you to actually grow your savings while keeping it both safe and accessible.

From Overwhelmed to In Control

Using simple, adaptable strategies to allow you to regain control of your planning so you can feel confident and in control over your schedule.

How We Can Help

Safely Grow Your Money

Self-Paced Digital Course

Protect your hard-earned money and keep it safe from stock market losses...while it GROWS! Perfect for Savers | Pre-Retirees | FIRE Fans | Parents and anyone with at least 10 years of saving ahead of them who wants to improve their financial future.

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There's more to life insurance than you may think

Many believe a whole life insurance policy is only valuable when you die. But it doesn't have to be that way!

Discover the 6 key benefits of a properly structured policy, which can be part of any wealth-building plan.

About Vicki

Vicki is living proof of her financial strategies. A former actuary and early-retired executive of a multi-national insurance carrier, she's always been fascinated with personal finance. That's why she knew her "second act" career would be related to educating others on the subject.

Discovering the power and value of using an innovative approach to a traditional financial tool led Vicki on a mission to educate others. And because she does not sell any financial product, unlike others, she is 100% committed to education for her clients.

Women in the U.S. and Canada, who were already saving, have worked with her to discover and understand how to use this "insider" information. No longer bound by traditional thinking about money, they're benefiting from their new knowledge and implementation of this approach.

"Vicki has flung open the doors of financial freedom..."

"This course was an eye opener. Vicki has flung open the doors of financial freedom to many of us. It's never too early to learn about her wealth building techniques; they will change your financial future."

~ TC Miller

How It Works

Some description of how your process works. Focus on the ease on the client and the results they get.



We take a deep dive into your business and how you help your clients. By looking at your goals and where things can be improved, we make a plan for improvement.



We work to execute this plan in accordance with your goals. By combining our design expertise with your knowledge of your business, we make the plan happen.



We will track progress and growth with monthly check-ins for the first three months. This will allow us to monitor and adjust based on what is working and what isn't.

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